Armor Roofing handled every detail of this project promptly and very professionally. The end result was total perfection. The crew worked hard and fast and clean up was excellent. Entire project was very pleasant. I will highly recommend Armor Roofing to all our neighbors, friends and family.

my experience with armor roofing was quick and efficient. They worked with my insurance company and did everything they promised me they would do.

happy customer

5 Stars

Excellent job by the Armor crew. The worked with the insurance adjuster and helped us get the maximum for our claim. Would definitely recommend them!


5 Stars

Great experience. Richie Simmons was responsive to our needs, professionally provided product options and recommendations, and supervised the job from start to finish.

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to share my experience with Armor in installing my new roof. They say you cannot have all 3 at once: great quality service, a great price; and fast turn around, but that is exactly what we received from Richie Simmons and Armor Roofing Systems. Richie believes in taking good care of his customers. Our new roof looks fantastic. Overall this is the best experience I have ever had with a construction related company. Not only does Richie know the best roofing materials and techniques, but he knows how to best interact with insurance companies too. There is no question I will be sending my friends and family to Armor in the future!

I had difficulty with insurance which contractor assisted me with. Installation was completed with care to my property and in a very professional manner. I recommend them highly.

Richie Simmons of Armour Roofing assisted me in having my roof & gutters replaced, which was much appreciated as I have never had to do this before. He answered any and all questions upon his inspection and was also helpful by talking direct with my insurance claims adjuster. The roofing crew (all 10 of them!), showed up early the day of the job and were extremely hard workers. Care was given to protection of my landscape and plants and when the work was done, they left my residence neat as a pin. The gutters were replaced the next day and the two that did the gutter work were extremely efficient, hard workers and again very neat. They were very informative in bringing to my attention the need for an extra downspout on one side of the house. They were also very professional & polite. Richie and crew made this project go as smooth as possible and I very much appreciated the professionalism in which it was handled.

Good job with replacing my roof. I would recommend this company.


5 Stars

Just got my roof done and couldn't be happier! Looks amazing. Took them about 5 hours and they were done. Cleaned up all the mess before they left.

Happy family

5 Stars

I knew I needed a new roof on my house but being a single female I was scared to have it done thinking I would be taken advantage of. A friend recommended Armor Roofing to me so I called. The owner, Richie Simmons came out and inspected the roof. He was super nice and immediately made me comfortable about the whole thing. He meet the adjuster at my house and handled everything for me. Richie also gave me a military discount and senior citizens discount. I was overwhelmed because I was not expecting that. My roof was finished in a day and looks beautiful. I would highly recommend Armor Roofing Systems.

Happy Customer

5 Stars

Roof looks great, AC bill went down due to better ventilation in the attic, and they took great care to protect shrubbery etc. Multiple sweeps for old roofing nails were made including one final sweep a couple days after the job was complete. Highly recommended, especially after seeing a neighbor's roof job take two days and their shrubbery get destroyed. This company uses the manpower to do the job quickly but right.

Sam did a great job of walking me through the process of making an insurance claim because of the wind damage to my roof. The owner and all of the staff was involved and they even treated me to lunch to go over the choices of footing material and colors. I would highly recommend armor roofing.

Prompt, professional, and friendly. Gave us the confidence that we were getting quality service. Highly recommended.

Job was preformed quick, reasonable and professional. Richie took great care to see everything went as scheduled and without problems. Highly recommend.


5 Stars

Armor Roofing Systems did a fantastic job installing a new roof on my home and it was a very painless process. Not only did Armor Roofing inspect my roof for free I never even had to lift a finger, they called my insurance company for me and dealt with my adjuster thru the entire process. Do to my work schedule it would have been impossible for me to take time off to meet the adjuster but Mr. Simmons met the adjuster for me and got my roof bought because of damage caused by a storm that had happened in April. The crew that installed my roof were very professional and I couldn't believe how fast and good that a group of employees worked together like a finely oiled machine. After my new roof was installed the clean up this group did was superb. My yard looked even better then out did before they started. They actually bought a bail of pinestraw to put out in my flower bed. I strongly recommend anyone considering getting a new roof to use Armor Roofing Systems because you will not regret it. Sincerely Sandra Roper.

They came in on time, did exactly what they said they were going to do, and left my home having completed a quality repair. Jason L.

I called Armor Roofing Systems out to my house after a friend of mine had recommended them to me. My friend had his roof replaced by Armor Roofing Systems and had nothing but good things to say about the company so I decided to call them to repair a leak that I had around my chimney. The owner, Mr. Simmons showed up early just like my friend said he would and was very polite. I informed him that I didn't have a big budget but I had to have the leak fixed because I was trying to sell my house. Upon inspecting my roof Mr.Simmons told me that it had significant wind and hail damage and asked me if I would like him to contact my insurance company and request them to send out an adjuster to inspect my house. I was nervous at first because I was afraid they would drop me if I made a claim but Mr. Simmons assured me that not only would my insurance company not drop me, they could not increase my premiums because the damage to my roof was weather related and it is considered an act of God, so I allowed him to call it in. Due to my work schedule I thought it would be impossible for me to take a day off to meet the adjuster but Mr. Simmons informed me that I didn't even have to be there to meet the adjuster, he said he would be there for me and so I said ok. He met the adjuster at my house to point out all areas that there was damage to my roof. Not only did the insurance company pay for my roof but Mr. Simmons also pointed out to the adjuster the damage on my gutters and downspout and 5 of my screens got replaced because of hail damage. Mr.Simmons sat down with me and went over the summary which was about 30 pages long and very confusing and we agreed that he would do all of the repairs for me and the only thing it cost me was $1000.00, which was my deductible. The best thing about this is he told me that he didn't expect a dime until the job was complete. The roofing crew he used were amazing. I've never seen such great team work among a group of workers in my life. They moved anything that could be damaged and put tarps around my entire house. The job was completely done in about 8 hours and my roof looked awesome. In fact it looked so good that I raised my asking price from $275,000 to $292,000 and my house was sold 3 weeks. I know that doesn't sound like that big of a deal but I had that house on the market for 9 months before the new roof and the highest offer I had gotten was $250,000. Thanks to Armor Roofing Systems I was able to make money on my house. I was about to lose almost $20,000 but instead I made $17,000 more than I was expecting. It was a great, hassle free experience and the best $1000.00 I've ever spent in my life. Thanks again Armor Roofing Systems.

Happy customer

5 Stars

I had several companies come to quote me for a very big job on my 100 year old home. All Reps were nice and very knowledgeable, only 1 Rep asked to check my attic space.

Sam Stump thats who..Y'all don't understand.. Prior to buying our home history had layered 6 layers of roofing.

Can you say.. BIG JOB! Well..not only did they under quote all the rest, the stripped my roof down to the raw old fashion saw mill slats, they hauled off and cleaned up about 3 dumpsters of roofing in ONE DAY they then replaced one gutter with better quality than I had to being with...Oh yes...let's not forget Joey came the next day with a shop vac to clean my attic space of the debris from stripping Not 1 but 6 layers of ashphalt and wood shingls. The metal Guys (one section had to be metal) came out and relayed the tin section because it was layed incorrectly before, fixed a squirrel hole in my facia and repaired a accident on my porch floor.. All this and on schedule..

The product I chose is very high quality that matches the hard excellent work and workers that made my home look amazing. Thanks Sam and Joey and every person who LABORED with my roof.

You can not ask for more or better than this Crew at Armour Roofing from Jefferson, GA.
God bless and protect you guys. I received more than a beautiful roof but Great Friends.

Terry N. Teresa Morris

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